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Lantai-Public Trust Foundation


In October of 2012, Zhang established the Lantai Community Foundation which was approved by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Civil Affairs, as a nonprofit social organization to bring its message to local communities.

The organization works to not only promote public health by improving water quality and setting up environmental clean-up groups, but also seeks to educate the general public by illustrating how their mission aligns with the healthy and traditional Chinese lifestyle. Lantai has supported numerous efforts to assist low-income and elderly people to achieve their physical and mental health goals. Furthermore, the organization has promoted public education by financing teacher training workshops. The foundation has recently attempted to bring its message to the global stage by supporting international students and interns from Europe and Asia. Currently, Lantai maintains accommodations for over 300 domestic and international visitors.

The Foundation¡¯s future plans are to further promote education for all ages and to promote international cooperation and training.

Foundation Major Events

2010, held the first Lecture Series promoting health and well-being
2012, Lantai¡¯s Public Foundation was formally established
2013 (April), Lantai ¡°Master Forum¡±Lectures established.
2013 (Dec), first session of the Forum of Entrepreneurs of Traditional Culture.
2014 (May), hosted the Guangzhou City Women's Federation Group¡¯s Annual Meeting
2014 (July), organized the non-profit Music Fund¡¯s concert, ¡°The World is Love.¡±
2014 (Dec), sponsored premiere of Beijing National Grand Theater¡¯s ¡°The Book of Songs¡±
2015 (May) sponsored the performance again in the New York¡¯s Carnegie City Concert Hall.
2015, joined the 4th International Charity Exhibition in Shenzhen. Received ¡°Excellent Exhibitors¡± award.

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